Contact Jackson Bolt & Screw, Inc.

Whether you are in the construction industry, lumber industry, agriculture-related industry or you are an original equipment manufacturer, contact us for your specific requirements and Jackson Bolt & Screw, Inc. is always there to provide you the studs, bolts, screws, and fasteners that you may need.

When you contact us, it would be helpful to know the following:

  • Your name & company you would be purchasing for.
  • Purchase order number if needed or payment information such as credit card.
    • This would include all card info including address, name on card & bill to zip code besides the numbers. We also need to know if something is taxable or not. We need the correct tax information on file to sell wholesale.
  • Type of fastener you are looking for, hex cap screw, socket head etc.
  • Thread type, coarse, fine TPI or metric pitch.
  • Grade 2, 5 or 8, 8.8 or 10.9 or 12.9
  • Plating requirement, zinc or zinc yellow or HOT Dip Galvanized or plain steel.
  • Quantity needed
    • We have a lot of our fasteners in small ready to sell pre-packaged amounts, most are no larger than your average man’s fist size. We can gladly tell you what those are.

Bear in mind...

  • It is not cost effective for you to purchase very small quantities and quantity required does affect pricing. We do have a line minimum of a standard package quantity or $1.00
  • We also have minimum invoice amounts that need to be met.
  • We also need to know how you expect to receive your parts, such as UPS or LTL freight line and how you would like the freight to be billed, pay & add or Collect.
  • Large enough orders would earn prepaid freight or delivery by our truck.
  • Your contact information phone # & e-mail if you are not set up in our system.
  • We are always glad to help talk you through what it might be that you need if you do not know, we have 4 full time inside & 4 full time out-side sales people dedicated to serving you.

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